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Events & Workshops

WATER IS LIFE Demonstration with Brenda Brazil

Saturday Nov 25th 9:30-11am

IMAGINE.....eliminating plastic water bottles and chemical cleaners from our earth.... By changing to a sustainable and healthier alternative, just ONE person would eliminate 1,460 bottles of drinking water (4 - 16 oz bottles/day ) per YEAR at a cost of over $2000.00 (if the price per bottle=1.50). And that is just ONE person!! -Make a stand for the WATER we drink and the planet we live on-- Come and join us and BE THE CHANGE...Learn how to make the Planet Healthier AND our Temples (Bodies) SATTVA Saturday November 25th at 9:30am sharp..PEACE!

Infused Restorative Yoga with Sage Wellness

Saturday December 2nd 2-4pm $30 each session

What is Infused Restorative Yoga?

In this practice, we do 6-7 poses that are gentle and relaxing. Each pose is supported with props and blankets and there are many ways to make the position work for all body types. In between, we do some slow movements to loosen up the spine and the rest of the body. The infused part comes from the offering of therapeutic essential oils that are specifically chosen to go along with each pose. The drop or two of the blend is given in your hand and then you apply the oil to your body-----back of the neck, wrist, feet, over the heart------each oil you will be encouraged to apply in a certain area for maximum benefits.

The result is a really wonderful sequence of easy poses infused with essential oils and blends that further enhance the experience and the end result of deep nourishing relaxation.

We have the props and mats at the studio. You are welcome to bring a journal or notebook in case you want to jot down notes about the poses, oils or insights you have during the practice. Bring a glass or metal jar of water if you want to experience some infused water during your practice to support your journey!

Holiday Boutique (Meet the Makers)

Thursday Dec 7th 6-8pm

We are so excited to be offering a Holiday Boutique with the artists and makers that are featured at SATTVA. Our therapists will also be giving complimentary chair massage too!

There will be unique gifts, scented and unscented body care products, essential oils, wall art, cards and "destress slime" for all ages.

***Purchasing from one of our artists and makers supports our local community and gives families more opportunities.***

Meet the Makers and Artists:
Colee Bee Art Paintings and Cards
Lena Vdakes Gemstone Prayer Beads
Marla Gamble Jewelry
Essence ONE Bodycare
Leah Bedford Paintings
Joe Linn Photography
Skye Slimes (Holiday Special!)
Sage Essential Oils

Complimentary Chair Massage!! Live music!

Help us spread the ♥!

Life on Purpose with Dawn Brunn and Jennifer Embery

Saturday Dec 9, Jan 13th 2-5pm $59/session $50 each when signing up with a friend.

Do you want to stop going through the motions? Do you yearn for connection and enthusiasm about your life? This is your workshop! Once you start living your life on purpose, you won't want to stop. Join us as we embark on a journey to the future you desire.

We are physical, emotional and spiritual beings and we must care for all aspects of ourselves. You will benefit from our unique approach to connection and purpose. You will love the mindfulness activities, step into your groove with dance and movement, and meditation that will enable you to discover(or rediscover) your authentic self and your true "why". With that, you'll begin to create your future right away... during the first session you join. We make sure it's all something you can connect to your daily life so you get more than just a workshop. You'll leave with skills and knowledge that will help you in all aspects of your life.

Whether you come to one session or all three, you'll find yourself in the company of kindred spirits. Let's lift each other up!

For more details and to sign-up go to

Dawn Brunn of AbunDANCE Coaching

Jennifer Embery of J.E. Coaching and Speaking

Merging With The Elements: Vinyasa Flow, Cacao, Sacred Drumming with Amy Heilman

Connect with yourself. Open your ♥.

Explore the fusion of the ancient internal practices of Yoga and Shamanism. Yoga (union with the Divine) and Shamanism (interaction with the spirit world) both are practices traditionally designed to lead us to the direct flow of wisdom. We begin the class with a cup of Sacred Cacao to connect us to Spirit and to help expand our Heart Chakra (30 min). We then use the ancient teachings of Nature's Five Elements for this intense and transformational yoga practice (90 min). Our experience will be deepened by the constant thread of Sacred Sounds performed live.

Guided by the cycles of the Five Elements, we will embody the energies of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. As we become each of these elements, we will learn valuable lessons that will allow us to reveal our passions, to shift perceptions, and to dream our world into being. You will leave the practice feeling spiritually cleansed, emotionally empowered, and expansive....ready to live life the life that wants to live in you! Now is the time to reveal yourself to yourself. As the Hopi Elders stated: “We are the ones that we’ve been waiting for.”

*Investment: $35 early bird through Nov. 26th / $45 regular price

TEACHER BIO: Amy is a Birth Doula, Yoga Teacher, and Spiritual Guide. She walks the Earth with gentleness, courage, and self knowledge. As a Lightworker, Amy is humbly devoted to the basic goodness of human life and radiates that goodness out into the world for the peace and sanity of others. Her calm, nurturing nature and playful spirit support students on their journey of self-discovery and transformation. Her presence as a healer embodies qualities of mother, sister, and best friend. Through simple, creative sequencing, she creates a welcoming environment for students to explore their bodies, their voices, and their spiritual presence. She is inspired by her own practice of nine years where she has laid her yoga mat and bright spirit on top of mountains in Spain, on sidewalks in Italy, and inside numerous hostels around the world. Amy is fascinated by the ancient practices of Shamanism and Zen and has a deep love for plants and the wisdom of Nature. When Amy is not teaching yoga, you can find her in the kitchen cooking wholesome meals, walking around the lakes, and shakin’ her booty to some good bluegrass music. She is committed to a lifelong practice of healing and transformation.

Winter Solstice Storytelling and Sound Healing

Thursday Dec 21st 7-9pm

Join in a fun community celebration on Winter Solstice eve at SATTVA! Russian/Ukrainian music and folk story, a chance to dance, a meditative sound concert with candles, Tibetan singing bowl and more! Don't miss it 7pm start. All ages, family-friendly way to connect our light. Also, let us know if you'd like to help and be a part of the celebration!

$10-20 Sliding Scale