Martial Arts

Tai Chi Warrior for Youth (7-15) with Dayne Thomas and Maxwell Kubala

NEW! Mondays 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Ages 7-15 yrs old

Instructors - Dayne Thomas and Maxwell Kubala
Tai Chi Warrior is a fun fusion of styles beginning with ancient Tai Chi Ch'uan exercises for warm up, developing core balance, breath, and foot work. "Push hands" and other techniques help students prepare for advanced practice.

The second half of this class is learning Eskrima (Filipino stick fighting) through a gradual development of key skills and awareness such as range, energy, speed, timing, and control.

Tai Chi Warrior helps to manage energy, develop self-control, coordination and many other skills.

This open, ongoing family style class invites a parent or other adult to join at no charge to support youth for 7-12, older youth can join solo.

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Tai Chi Ch’uan for Healing, Cultivation, and Self Defense

Mondays 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM

Instructor - Dayne Thomas

First 15 minutes – Opening the Practice (Welcome,
Lecture and/or Story, Bow to the North)

Second 15 minutes – Meditation, Qigong and/or Stretching Warm-Up

Next 45 minutes – Exercises for Healing, Cultivation, and Self Defense

Last 15 minutes – Closing the Practice (Qigong, Q&A/Farewell, Bow to the North)

This class program is designed for ages 16 years and older. Every Monday this simple yet profound formula will be followed. While there is an overall guiding principle of the 5 Phases and 8 Trigrams of the Taoist philosophy that we also discuss, for that determines the set of exercises we do each week, the classes will also repeat very important concepts and exercises while introducing new exercises and more advanced versions of others previously taught to keep things fresh, organic, and fun!) This simple and finite formula provides for infinite variations of the practice, which can accommodate to all body, mental and spiritual identities simultaneously, instead of trying to force all different types into one shape like other martial arts tend to do. This class is designed for Tai Chi Practitioners of all levels; Martial Artists of any kind and of all levels; Yoga Practitioners of any kind and of all levels; and anyone looking to make a healthy life style change, for the exercises and benefits found in this Tai Chi program compliment and assist not only with the development of other practices tremendously, but also with developing a connection to the changes and seasons of our own mind and body in general. Tai Chi is a perfect supplement to any discipline/practice or meditation!

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Warrior: The Art of Engagement with Maxwell Kubala

Mondays 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Instructor - Maxwell Kubala

The Art of Engagement is a practical approach to self-defense paired with empathy and compassion. Drawing from Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) to address the physical realities of conflict, while employing techniques that keep with the resolve of non-violence and peace. Students are exposed to a diverse range of solutions for responding to conflict which include empty-hands, trapping, locks, take downs, knife defense, and stick fighting techniques as well as the application of the Yogic Warrior poses. It is the goal of this class to develop confidence without the further escalation of violence. Open to all levels of martial arts ability, ages 13 years or older.

“We must respond to violence and conflict not with further violence, but rather understanding, personal control, and compassion for all people.” -Maxwell Kubala
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Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu with Andre Balian

Private Lessons Available

Ages 13 yrs or older.

Instructor - Andre Balian

Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu is a system of Chinese boxing based on the energy principles of Taoist philosophy. It develops lightning fast and powerful reflexes to ward off attacks and deflect energy and is useful when confronted with physically bigger and stronger opponents. Kung Fu means, "achievement through effort", thus it allows each student to develop as quickly and practically as the time and effort put into study and focus. This style of Kung Fu helps to develop the mind, health, and spirit of the student in many ways beyond the martial skill related to fighting. It is recommended to try this class for a few months and then decide if Southern Praying Mantis is a good fit for you, then commit to at least 3 years of consistent study for proper conditioning and training results.


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Instructor - Dayne Thomas

This 12 week program is an aggressive study into the Tai Chi Ch’uan short form as developed by Master Cheng Man Ching. Master Ching developed this form by condensing Yang Family Grand Long Form, which is 108 postures and over 250 specific movements. This short form is designed to retain not only the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of practicing Tai Chi, but also the art of self-defense as well. Each movement has an application not only in defending oneself in a martial sense, but also in healing oneself, as well as maintaining good health and prolonging life by promoting longevity as the basis of its exercises. "As it was taught to my teacher, who taught it to me, and now I teach it here at Sattva, I am happy to bring you The Snake and The Crane (which is a name I have given this beautiful set)!"

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