Medical Intuition with Jean O’Hern


Jean O’Hern is a Naturopath and medical intuitive who serves clients of all ages and genders to find greater health and well-being. She has studied naturopathic medicine and healthcare for 48 years and been in practice for 38 years, supporting clients through a variety of ailments: chronic pain, stress, anxiety and depression, immune deficiency, digestive issues, hypoglycemia and diabetes, colds and allergies.

Services Offered:

Naturopathic Consultations: An initial consultation of 2 hours includes a thorough assessment of your health, including history, diet and lifestyle. Subsequent sessions are often a shorter period, depending on the condition experienced. Herbal supplements, as well as vitamins or minerals, may be suggested to maintain or restore optimal health.

Avazzia Microcurrent: Micro-current is a breakthrough therapy for pain and scar tissue that is being discovered by more and more practitioners. It can be used to lessen scar tissue as well as the damage and pain that they cause. It can also be used to treat acute and chronic pain almost anywhere in the body: low back, shoulder, neck, knee & carpal tunnel.

Light Therapy: This particular type of light therapy has been used successfully for the following conditions: Traumatic Brain Injuries; Alzheimers/Memory problems; All mental health conditions including depression, anxiety and PTSD; Pain; Neuropathy.

Hours: Monday - Friday, 11:30am - 6:30pm (by appointment only)
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