The Art of Wellness


When you decide to heal and resolve the tension between where you are and where you need to go, the art of your spiritual evolution emerges. First Step: Wellness Consultation

Wellness Consultation

A wellness consultation is a session with one of our trained practitioners to assess 9 key areas of life that effect health and wellness.  Our goal is to listen and understand your needs and make recommendations to evolve your mind, body and spirit.  At the end of the initial session, you will have 3 clear action steps and a deeper sense of alignment to your personal goals.

approximately 60-75 Minutes___________$89 (Now a complimentary service! You will not be charged when booking online)

Deep Tissue.Shiatsu.Thai Bodywork.Relaxation.Acupressure Massage

Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Thai Bodywork, Relaxation, Acupressure massage are therapeutic treatments that can invigorate and relax the muscles and joints to relieve pain, increase health and function all while calming the nervous system to improve full body health.
35 minutes___________$50 (Deep Tissue $65)
60 minutes___________$80 (Deep Tissue $95)
75 minutes___________$95 (Deep Tissue $110)
90 minutes___________$110 (Deep Tissue $125)
120 minutes__________$150 (Deep Tissue $165)
Hot Towels (add $5)
Chiropractic Referral Appointments with Billing (add $60)
Cupping 30 min session $45
Gua Sha 30 min session $45

Cranial Sacral Therapy

A gentle, non-invasive form of bodywork that seeks to restore the natural flow of cerebral spinal fluid to nourish the brain, spinal cord and central nervous system.
35 minutes___________$50
60 minutes___________$80

Mens and Womens Integrated Therapy

An innovative therapy that incorporates spiritual guidance with therapeutic massage in one session; addressing specific needs of the body to release emotional sensitivities, align with intuitive abilities and reclaim conscious control of life.
60 minutes_____________$120
90 minutes_____________$145
120 minutes____________$175


Dagara Shell and I Ching Divinations: helps to reveal, inform and unlock barriers to spiritual, emotional and material progress and health. Includes ritual prescription. $95/hour

Ritual Support

Guidance to help fulfill rituals such as spiritual naming, transitions, grief, abundance, soul retrieval, nature balancing, dream interpretation, vision quests, and others. $95/hour

Feng Shui+Sustainable Home Design

Enhance your environment to incorporate style, function, and energetic quality while aligning with natural elements to create your ideal space.
Color Consultation (Up to 2 Hours) $180
Feng Shui Consultation (Up to 2 Hours) $180
Organization+De-cluttering (2Hour Min) $50/Hour*
Hard Surface+Layout Design $72/Hour*
Staging+Resale Improvements $50-$72/Hour*
* Travel expenses may be additional

Nutrition Consultation

Leann Larson will use her training in Medical Nutrition Therapy and components of integrative and functional medicine to work 1:1 with clients to look for root causes of problems and help to develop step to achieve wellness goals.
Leann will also serve as a nutrition community resource and will ensure that high quality nutrition care is provided.

30 minute____________$50
60 minute____________$80

Ayurveda Consultation

Ayurveda consultation is a two hour in depth evaluation, using a variety of diagnostic and intuitive tools, to discover your unique constitution (prakruti) and your current health imbalances (vikruti) you will learn the basic principles of Ayurveda and how to apply them to create balance in your life. Included in the initial consultation are written suggestions and recommendations in diet, life style, pranayama (breath work) meditation, yoga, and herbs.

2 Hour Initial Consultation $195 / 45-60 min follow-up $90

Specials and Packages

    • All classes $9 through March 31st!

      • We are making it easy to experience our classes. Come in
      • now through March 31st and pay only $9 for any yoga,
      • meditation or martial arts class.
      • $89/mo unlimited class membership
      • Class Pass Option: 5 pack $79, 10 pack $149, 20 pack $289
      • to use anytime (expires after 24mo)

      • Deep Tissue, Thai Bodywork, Relaxation and
      • Acupressure Massage:
      • $69/1 Hour Express, $129/2Hour Sattva Signature
      • Yoga, Meditation, Martial Arts, Kids Classes
      • $9 through March 2017 (Regular Rate $18)
      • Ayurveda and Nutrition Consultation
      • $39/30min Express, $69/1Hour Sattva Signature

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