SATTVA Healing Arts

A space where the body and spirit are soothed, the heart nurtured and the mind acknowledged; creating a supportive pathways into deeper healing.

SATTVA Founders, Cindy & Dan Gorbunow

SATTVA Founders, Cindy & Dan Gorbunow

We have created SATTVA Healing Arts from a combined 40 years in the industry to offer high quality bodywork, purification and natural home design to ultimately enhance the health of our clients, the community and our collective consciousness.

We believe that through purifying the mind, body and spirit of limiting beliefs, traumas and wounds of our human experience we will we get to more fully enjoy peace and joy in this life. 

Embracing the shadow and the light to free attention and allow our intuition to guide us into the ultimate freedom.  Being free from the traps of the ego, reactions, negative cycles and attachments.  When we bear witness to our experiences and choose how we are going to engage in any given circumstance we will gain conscious control - this is not to proclaim perfection but more to celebrate our quest to inner harmony and acknowledgement when we are engaged in the unconscious. Your happiness, vitality and success are important to us.

We look forward to connecting and doing our best to serve you very soon. –Namaste! Cindy & Dan


SATTVA [suht-vuh] : Sanskrit 'being, essence,' the quality of spiritual goodness and purity, manifested as intelligence, virtue, and joy, one of the three gunas (qualities of nature) of Hindu philosophy.

Our Foundational Therapies

Sattva body therapies honor the body; to heal, nurture and rejuvenate.

Understanding the deeper layers of emotional and psychological connections of body imbalances allows our clients to transform old patterns and leave feeling wonderfully renewed and further integrated. Sattva offers a mix of Eastern, Western, indigenous, shamanic and modern bodyworkers and natural health practitioners. We’ll also feature fabulous local artists and offer yoga, meditation, and wellness events for kids, family and community.

Giving Back & Accessibility

"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love, it will not lead you astray." RUMI

We believe healing therapy is for everyone and therefore we offer discounted packages and monthly membership options. We are in process of creating an outreach program for low income families. We also give back to community by donating resources and services to benefit others in need including Polaris, The All Nations Healing Center (Pine Ridge, SD), Mankind Project USA, City of Lakes Waldorf School, Giant Steps and the Women's Drum Center.