Jeanne W.

“I came to see Jennifer two years into our struggle with infertility as a referral from a friend at work. Starting acupuncture with her was the first thing I did right in our journey. Jennifer immediately made me feel like I had control of our situation and for the first time in a long time made me feel hopeful that I could achieve a healthy pregnancy. Almost immediately I could tell a difference in my body and through charting could a see a huge difference in the regularity of my cycles. We struggled with multiple factor infertility and eventually moved on to IVF. I saw Jennifer through my IVF cycle and are happy to say that we are pregnant with twins after our first round! Although we needed additional help to achieve pregnancy, Jennifer was an important part of our journey both mentally and physically and we are so grateful to have found her!” – Jeanne W.

Cindy Storms-Gorbunow