Amy G.

“I’ve been seeing Jennifer for infertility related treatments sporadically over the past 4-1/2 years. After meeting with her for the first time I finally felt like I was being heard because the symptoms we discussed were unlike any my Ob-Gyn had ever questioned. As a newbie to Traditional Chinese Medicine I had several ‘Ah Ha!’ moments those first few months.

I like that the treatments are painless, relaxing, non-invasive and have an added benefit of aiding in restful sleep. Acupuncture has been an excuse for me to put positive intention into something that most of the time is challenging. There are so many difficult aspects to infertility that are painful, both physically and emotionally, so I’m relieved that I’ve found a method that makes getting through the journey more pleasant. Jennifer’s compassion and gentle approach makes me feel cared for not just as a client but also as a friend.

Within the first month of treatment I started to notice subtle changes in my cycle. After a few months of treatments and the addition of herbs, I really started to see my body responding in a positive way. When I started treatments we had been trying to conceive on our own for two years and already had a male-factor diagnosis and although I remained undiagnosed, I suspected my body also wasn’t cooperating. It took six months of acupuncture treatments (for me) before I got pregnant the first time. I had no morning sickness and enjoyed a relatively uneventful pregnancy. I honestly believe that acupuncture was one of the major contributions to helping us conceive naturally and I tell this to anyone who will listen. A subsequent pregnancy followed after another six months of treatments which I started when my first son turned one. The pregnancy with my second son sadly ended at 16 weeks. Now after a yearlong hiatus to take care of an unrelated health issue, we are back on the bandwagon trying to add to our family yet again.

Acupuncture has become so much more for me than just trying to build our family. I’ve seen some of its many benefits and I’m sure my treatments for infertility have only scratched the surface of what it has to offer.”
– Amy G.

Cindy Storms-Gorbunow