Laurel L.

“My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for a couple of years. I had experienced three early miscarriages (prior to 8 weeks)–the last of which was following our first IVF cycle. I began seeing Jennifer about two months prior to beginning IVF round #2. I am now (very happily) 14 weeks pregnant, and I firmly believe that my weekly sessions with Jennifer were the key component in allowing both my mind and body to sustain and support this healthy pregnancy. Along the way, I had my doubts and fears, but Jennifer’s experience, and calm and positive energy always reassured me and made me believe that a healthy pregnancy was, infact, possible. I would highly recommend her to any woman facing fertility issues or those that are considering or beginning fertility procedures such as IVF.” – Laurel L.

Cindy Storms-Gorbunow